Writer Profile: Evans Alexandre

This is a site that encourages other people to join us by contributing their own stories. Whenever a new writer contributes to Bits and Beats we ask them to fill out a short questionnaire to give a little background information on the person.

“I’m a photographer, photo/video editor and writer from Queens, currently in school studying motion/graphic design. Ultimately, I want a career in the production/post-production world. If I’m not indulging in science fiction, music, or video games, you can catch me on the streets taking pictures, in my lab editing a project, or on a bed sleeping.” – Evans

  1. If you were stranded on a desert island and could only bring 1 book, 1 full TV series, 1 movie, 1 video game and 1 album, which would you bring? (Assume electricity is available).
    • Book: Dune
    • TV Series: Game of Thrones
    • Movie: Intersellar
    • Video Game: Mass Effect 2
    • Album: Jay Electronica’s future album (whenever that comes out)
  1. First video game you remember playing.
    • Super Mario Bros
  1. First album you remember owning.
    • The Arthur TV Show soundtrack on cassette “Arthur and Friends: The First Almost Real Not Live CD.” Don’t ask.
  1. What song would you play if you wanted to fall asleep?
    • It’s constantly changing but lately I’ve been listening to “Babel” by Flatbush Zombies every night before R.E.M. That’s probably not changing any time soon.
  1. Which character in the Mario universe do you identify most with?
    • Yoshi.
  1. What is your go to feel good song?
    • “Bright Moments” by Flamingosis
  1. What is your favorite/most utilized form of escapism?
    • A simultaneous combination of listening to hip-hop instrumentals and scrolling through Reddit. It’s only more utilized than video games because it’s short and quick.
  1. If you had to pick 5 artists for your dream lineup, who would they be?
    • Vocals from The Notorious B.I.G., Erykah Badu and Kendrick Lamar with Kanye West and Erick The Architect co-producing tracks.
  1. You are given the opportunity to meet any 1 person (alive or dead), who would it be?
    • Gandhi.
  1. You just pulled an all nighter. What is most likely the reason you stayed up all night?
    • Editing video, photos or music and/or playing video games.
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