Episode 11: Difficulty in Video Games

On this episode we are joined by our friend Chris to discuss difficulty in video games. Chris brings up two different types of difficulty, artificial and natural. We talk about Dark Souls, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Odyssey and Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus to see how difficulty is used in games and what effect it has on the game and the player.

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Episode 10: Business of eSports

On this episode, we are joined by our friend Jonathan who is a law student in Rhode Island. He helps us take a look at the business behind the growing eSports industry, specifically the brand new Overwatch League which is currently in its inaugural season. We go into player contracts, salaries, winnings and more of the behind the scenes business aspect of eSports.  Continue reading

Episode 8: Concerts, 1999

In this episode we talk about our favorite concert experiences and we move on to our favorite things about 1999 in video games and music. Also featured in this episode is new singles from Knuckle Puck and Turnover, new albums from Vic Mensa, Tyler the Creator and Meek Mill, Shadow of Mordor Achievements and more.

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Episode 6: Missing Artists and Broken Up Bands, 1997

In this episode we talk about out most missed artists that have retired or have otherwise not been heard of in a while and broken up bands, such as Jay Electronica, Transit, Andre 3000, With the Punches, Yellowcard and more. As well as our year by year look at gaming and music continues with 1997. Also, Crash Bandicoot, Turnover, Overwatch, Vince Staples and more.

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Episode 3: The Greatest of All-Time/1994

In this episode, we talk about the trend of labeling things ‘The Greatest of All-Time’ and what, if anything, the term really means. We also start a segment called “Favorite of the Year” where we talk about our favorite video games and albums for each year starting from 1994 (the year we were born). Lastly, we talk about Kendrick Lamar, The Witcher 3, Third Eye Blind, Mega Ran and more.

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